Saturday, November 21, 2009

depression era beats

Disclaimer: not actually depressing.... well, most of it anyway.
ok here goes another batch, with: planet earth rock n roll orchestra, popol vuh (the instrumental, german version of the allman brothers), Mike Slott, Oh No with one from the overstanding beat tape, pete rock interpretations by Mr. Chop, one from the new Hudson Mohawke, a Ras G beat, some semi-unreleased Flying Lotus, couple of Dilla beats, Declaime over another from Flying Lotus, the Heliocentrics with the disembodied voice of Nico, a sweet Brazilian track from an old prefuse 73 mix, Josh Abrams (Town & Country), Sleepy Sun with a slow jam from their new record, Hala Strana (crumbling gypsy hymns), some guitar player, more Mr. Chop, Felix, Bob Dylan, Sly Stone cover from Medeski, Martin & Wood, one from the Department of Eagles, and Dimlite with a remix of Ritornell's Golden Solitude.

theoretically, you could dance to some of this. enjoy!