Saturday, January 23, 2010

raindance beats

table of contents:
sonic youth, razorblade
eliot lipp, beamrider
oh no, testin it out
donald jenkins & the delighters (via mayer hawthorne)
strong arm steady & Madlib, best of times
oddisee, carry on and 60901 instrumentals
dimlite, Roo (a dedication)
computer jay, im around
daedelus, a bloodworth
flying lotus, meeting the prez
shlomo, ghosts pt.2
mike slott, when giants meet
TokiMonstr, wrld is ours
Michael Gordon, the weather pt.3
Dimlite, feedback children
prefuse 73, sexual fantasy scale
paul white, flying across tokyo
four tet, manic street preachers remix
four tet, explosions in the sky remix
TokiMonstr, waiting for the break of dawn
Quantic, the dreaming mind pt.2
build an ark, sweet thing

i try to keep these things short, but they have a way of stretching out. enjoy!

Monday, January 4, 2010

indo-european edits

first whip test of 2010! actually its sort of a left over mixtape from 09, but i still found it somewhat relevant so here goes another batch, featuring: a short snippet from Joshua Abrams and Town & Country, Mike Slott ambient piece from his last one, Desolation Wilderness, Sir oj from the UK, Nosaj Thing remixing a possibly not-that-great song by Charlotte Gainsbourg (but i have kind of a crush on her so i included it), couple of beats from this dude Hayzee, also from Britain, one from the new Paul White ep, the Heliocentrics, one from the Whitfield brothers, a great band who probably have a working time machine at their disposal, one from the new James Pants, one from Koushik, another Oh No beat from Ethiopium, a sweet track from the Now Again records comp "Forge Your Own Chains," a few beats from Madlib, J. Rawls, and Prefuse 73, some dub-raga from the Suns of Arqa, Cat Power with another most beautiful song i've ever heard, Jim O'Rourke, Voice of the Seven Woods, and Graham Nash on the outro. enjoy!