Monday, January 4, 2010

indo-european edits

first whip test of 2010! actually its sort of a left over mixtape from 09, but i still found it somewhat relevant so here goes another batch, featuring: a short snippet from Joshua Abrams and Town & Country, Mike Slott ambient piece from his last one, Desolation Wilderness, Sir oj from the UK, Nosaj Thing remixing a possibly not-that-great song by Charlotte Gainsbourg (but i have kind of a crush on her so i included it), couple of beats from this dude Hayzee, also from Britain, one from the new Paul White ep, the Heliocentrics, one from the Whitfield brothers, a great band who probably have a working time machine at their disposal, one from the new James Pants, one from Koushik, another Oh No beat from Ethiopium, a sweet track from the Now Again records comp "Forge Your Own Chains," a few beats from Madlib, J. Rawls, and Prefuse 73, some dub-raga from the Suns of Arqa, Cat Power with another most beautiful song i've ever heard, Jim O'Rourke, Voice of the Seven Woods, and Graham Nash on the outro. enjoy!