Saturday, April 10, 2010

pathway edits

this is going to be the last one of these for a while probably.
it's a good one though. first half = lots of beats, synthesizers and string arrangements; second is nostalgic springtime vibes. jumped the gun a little bit on all the flying lotus joints, but they were too good not to play. if you enjoy this, please consider buying something by an artist whose work has made you happy recently. thank you.


the beatles, we can work it out (instrumental)
blockhead, res dog (lost beats)
washed out, cd-r beat #7
teebs & jackhigh, rains
knxwledge, give (klouds)
jneiro jarel, android love #2
flying lotus, intro/cosmic drama
lapti, motherland
flying lotus, lost where i belong (remix)
flying lotus, drips/auntie's harp
alice coltrane & carlos santana, bliss: the eternal now
hayzee, tea leaf (bonus beat)
teebs, blessed assurance
flying lotus, do the astral plane
flying lotus, galaxy in janaki
dimlite, can't get used to those
dimlite, xy (forthcoming)
dj krush, song 1 (thank you)
daedelus, denoument (meanwhile)
koen holtkamp, half light (field rituals)
tom waits, you can never hold back spring
cat power, breathless